Documentary: Guwaaldana Giidhi

Guwaaldana Giidhi explores the personal life-experiences and stories of Aboriginal elders from Goondiwindi, Boggabilla and Toomelah.

Produced, filmed and edited by Glenn Dixon Visuals.

Organisation story: Kenya Aid

Kenya Aid is an Australian charity supporting health and education initiatives in a remote community of western Kenya. For information on the filmmaking process, follow this link. 

Interviews, editing and sound design by Glenn Dixon Visuals. Additional footage and photographs courtesy of Kenya Aid. 

Personal project: Los Reyes

Filmed and edited by Glenn Dixon Visuals.

Campaign video: Do It In A Dress

Seven storytellers from across Australia were given 72 hours to produce, research, direct, shoot, edit and premiere a film for a local non-profit with the mentorship of the Stillmotion team. Our filmmaking collective partnered up with Melbourne based One Girl and were challenged to craft a film for their annual ‘Do It In A Dress’ campaign.

I helped brainstorm, research and plan the film,  light the interview, shot BRoll and record foley.