The Red Centre / by Glenn Dixon

The tourist comes here with the camera taking pictures all over. What has he got? Another photo to take home, keep part of Uluru. He should get another lens - see straight inside. Wouldn't see big rock then. He would see that Kuniya living right inside there as from the beginning. He might throw his camera away then."

- Tony Tjamiwa.

We have just wrapped a two week trip to Alice Springs, NT with Education Services Australia, creating a series of short films to inspire and engage teachers around Australia. We had the opportunity to work with so many amazingly talented and inspirational people. I thank you all for your willingness and generosity. Spending time in such a vibrant part of Australia has certainly left a lasting impression.

Over the weekend we hit the road and headed south to spend a few days recharging our internal batteries while wandering around Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. I had the chance to create a few stills while I was there but for most of the time I left the camera in the car and just walked, wondered and marveled at this simply breathtaking place.

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