Printing: Beyond ones and zeros / by Glenn Dixon

My photographic work once existed in an odd world of ones and zeros. Offering it’s company only fleetingly when called upon by a computer monitor. It’s transient and indefinite nature is inaccessible without the assistance of a machine that transfigures binary code into a perceptible image on screen. This has never bothered me too much, until now.

I have just picked up three test prints from the printing lab and they look simply sublime. I have never really experienced the thrill and empowerment of holding in my hands a piece of art that I have poured my heart and soul into. The colour leaping from the archival paper, the abruptness of the edges, the weight and smell. All cultivate a very personal and physical interaction. I can’t stop grinning. My work is alive!

I had absolutely no idea how they would turn out as the post-production was completed on a non-calibrated monitor. The saving grace it seems was turning the brightness right down on the display during the tonal corrections. That or the people at the printer can read my mind. I had the three 60x50mm prints mounted on 3mm diabond with an aluminium mounting frame on the back. They extend about 25mm when mounted on the wall and cast a beautifully defined shadow.

In the near future I really hope to invest in my own high end printing facilities and explore the print process. Having complete control over every detail from the in-camera capture to the final print is a very exciting prospect. Although now, while I am just getting started I am happy to get prints produced externally. Printing is where it's at!

Prints produced in collaboration with “Colour Factory” in Melbourne.

Find them here.

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