Rethinking Process / by Glenn Dixon

I have started shooting a body of work on my grandfathers recently restored Mamiya RB67 medium format camera with B&W film stock that he purchased in the 80’s. The gear had been sitting around in his dark room for years, moisture slowly eating away at the seals and mould forming inside the lens element. Now however it has been given a second life and a new home!

A test image during the afternoon hours. The shapes in the sky are a result of light leaking through the film packaging over the years. The guy at the lab said I could “photoshop them out” I don’t think so!

It has been quite a learning curve in terms of technique and creative processes. I had to get my head around composing with a viewfinder that inverts the image horizontally. This means that if you pan the camera left, the viewfinder appears to move right. There are no electrics in the camera system either so light metering must be done externally. Why go to all that effort when I could just shoot digital? Although in the early stages I feel this experience compliments my other work. This medium forces me to really slow down in my approach, to become consciously contemplative and precise. In the words of Dieter Rams: "Question everything generally thought to be obvious."

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