Crafted by hand / by Glenn Dixon I am sitting at my desk wondering if there will ever be such an advance in technology that will allow my computer to magically craft this eighteen hours of video footage into ten succinct and emotive four minute films (All without me doing anything). Then again, if a computer did just that, would anyone ever watch them?

There is inherent and overwhelming power in the knowledge that a person has created something by hand. Through masterful handling of silicone a glass blower creates sublime works of art. With trained fingers a tobacconist crafts the finest cigar. In the case of film-makers, we manipulate shots in the editing process, scene by scene, shot by shot, frame by frame. Intrinsically drawing on ones unique experiences to carefully breathe new life into the materials which in a raw state are perhaps somewhat powerless. This scrupulous attention to detail, while not always perfect is strengthened by its “flaws”. It proves a person was here. Someone sweated over, swore at and loved the material. The beauty of imprecision in pursuit of precision.