Passage / by Glenn Dixon

We have just spent two days crossing the Drake passage on our way to the Antarctic Peninsula. The sea was oddly calm for the crossing. Undoubtedly it will catch up with us on the return journey. Surely we won’t be permitted passage that easily. This morning we pushed through our first patch of sea ice and glimpsed land in the distance. The mid-day light is harsh and contrasty so finding an appropriate subject for the light is essential. This can be a challenge as we are still restricted to the deck of the ship. The colours are simply incredible. In certain light the sea appears to take on mercury like properties. The only way to make sense of the environment was to photograph the pattern of the wash from the bow. The abstract shapes remind me of a really fine cut of prosuitto.

There is rumour that this evening we will make our first landing. We will spend the next 6 days exploring and photographing the islands around the peninsula and making beach landings. I am so excited. It has taken around a week to get here and now the rewards! I hope to post some images along the way however I have a very small internet allowance and will probably be very pre-occupied shooting shiny things and penguin portraits.