Antarctica - A Wrap! (For Now) / by Glenn Dixon

Back on dry land in Ushuaia. The only consolation in bittersweet conclusion to an absolutely wonderful trip is Ramos Generales; our cosy little cafe haunt that provides (not in order of importance) free wifi, 1 litre jugs of beer disguised as penguins and vintage knick-knacks that flank the hard wooden walls. As we sit eating croissants and enthusiastically discussing our adventures, my body is struggling to accept the fact that the ground no longer moves underneath my feet. I have become so accustomed to walking at funny angles to compensate for the motion of the boat.

We spent 10 days at sea exploring the Antarctic peninsula. We were in and out of Zodiacs each day, chasing ice and observing wildlife with quiet, respectful awe. We harnessed the creative energies, battled through technical and artistic frustrations and humoured the unknown. The weather was in complete contrast to what I had imagined. We awoke to blue sunny skies each day, clear atmospheric conditions and almost no wind. The six of us in the group were secretly hoping for moody, brooding skies to photograph however in fear of being thrown overboard by other passengers we kept our desires quiet. I am so grateful for the opportunity to shoot alongside such genuine, generous and creative people, some of which have greatly inspired me for years and all of which will continue to do so.

I really look forward to sharing (but not sorting through) the 3,500 photographs created in Antarctica during the upcoming months. In the mean time please enjoy a small, bite sized collection of icy goodness! For now, new adventures await. I am heading into Tierra De Fuego by car with a new friend from the Antarctic adventure. See you soon!