Road Trip - Tierra Del Fuego / by Glenn Dixon

In all honesty, Ushuaia in no way alleviates the post travel depression brought on by the simple fact that one is no longer in Antarctica. This little town, smelling of wet concrete and infested with high end outdoor fashion outlets that squash the local boutiques into obscurity, is slowly beginning to grow on me. Nevertheless, my good friend Catalin Marin and I decided to rent a car and escape into the surrounding countryside for a few days of exploration and photography.

We discovered this wreckage on a lonely dirt road along the coast. These photographs were created on the first day as we explored the site at low tide. When we returned a day later to take advantage of the lingering evening light, we discovered that this stretch of coastline had since claimed another victim. This time in the form of three fat Colombians that had quite intelligently decided to take their two wheel drive hatchback onto the sandy beach. This provided much entertainment for Catalin and myself as we watched the tide crept ominously closer to the stricken car, all the while our fat Columbian friends had the workout of a lifetime in frantic attempts to dig the car free. After three hours of digging and failed attempts we offered to drive one of them back to Tolhuin (1.5 hours away) to call for help. I wonder if they managed to save the car?

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