Invest in you / by Glenn Dixon

I like to think, however optimistically, that my clients come back to me for my ability to tell an engaging story rather than just my ability to operate a video camera. There are millions of people that can make a film but no one else on this earth can do it the same way I can. More importantly though, I cannot make a film or create a photograph the way you can as I will never experience the world as you do. The work that each and every one of us creates in our chosen discipline is an extension of everything we have experienced, endured, feared, lost, found, or conquered.

Image Series: Collecting White.

Antarctica, 2012

I imagine a gigantic pressure cooker perched on a familiar stove, the sort by which your grandmother would surely conjure the most flavoursome and hearty of stews. The base of this great dish includes a few key ingredients; the passion for creation, the daring for adventure and the desire to achieve. When we add our memories, personalities, cultural backgrounds, spiritual and philosophical outlooks, our seemingly haphazard creation starts to resemble everything that makes us, distinctly us. The burly metallic lid on the other hand is the thing that holds us back. It is the fear and reluctance toward whatever we know we must do to achieve that which we want most. When the stove is lit from below the pressure will eventually build to breaking point. There is no where for everything to go but up and out, exploding from within as raw and vivid artistic expression. That is our gift to the world.

The things we discover along our unique and bizarre journey add spice and flavour to the great mixture. Those things give us perspective, they bubble and swirl deep within ourselves. We carry them along with each and every step. They manifest into the most unlikely ideas, lead us into terrifying places yet permit us to call on them in times of great need. I am the only true asset to my brand, as you are to yours. Ensure that you donate sufficient time to yourself. To observe, reflect, be curious and a big bit crazy.

As practising creatives and artists, we are not an object by which a monetary value can be attached by traditional means. To use yet another analogy, we are not an item of clothing on a shelf by which prospective buyers can browse for the best possible bargain. If someone is looking for the lowest priced commodity. I’m sorry, I am not it, and I don’t think you are either. If we ever have the opportunity to work together, whether you are a future client, creative partner or friend, you recruit everything I have seen, experienced and collected on my journey. You get your own special piece of the eruption from inside my grandmothers pot. It is yours, for keeps.

Are you still reading this? You probably should go buy a plane ticket right now, if that is not possible perhaps take the unknown route home from work, read that obscure book or simply talk to the “crazy” person in the house down the street. Invest sufficient time, energy and money in yourself rather than the items that surround you. Fill your pot with everything you can possibly find and uncover. Keep the fire that drives your imagination well fuelled and burning bright. Stay hungry my friends.

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