Invest in You (Part II) / by Glenn Dixon

Series: Collecting Blue

Antarctica, 2012

The things I am most proud to take ownership of, my most interesting stories, pieces of film-making, relationships or photographs, all arise when I am playing slightly or even completely out of my league. Operating in the formidable space just above where my experience and expertise intersect. Playing in here inherits a certain power and majesty. First of all, you are playing completely off the back foot. Everything you produce is a raw and instinctual reaction to the surroundings. There is no time for planning, just action. You have to rise to the challenge of each passing moment, every day. As a result, the quality of work produced is equally as inspiring and thrilling.

If you play just above that point of convergence, where experience and expertise meet, you are always growing. Each and every subsequent project will be more beautiful, terrifying and magnificent than the last. With each passing day you unveil new grounds, forge new tools and discover unexpected comrades to take into battle.

Investing in yourself, whether through travel, finding daily solitude, physical/mental exercise or acts of personal creation, give you an open-ness to accept, then tackle seemingly irrelevant and insurmountable problems. When you are half way through a project and everything seems to be going disastrously wrong, you can draw on those experiences. After all, you survived in a distant land when all your belongings were stolen, the buses weren’t running, you couldn’t speak the language, there was no food or water for miles, you have no local currency and it’s Christmas. If it is any consolation in this dire situation, you still have your most valuable asset, you. Plus you don’t have to listen to those horrendous Christmas carols.

You have travelled through your own backyard and abroad, solved herculean sized problems, explored, questioned and refined all the while. We can tackle anything. And when we fall short, we will do it in the most spectacular style. It will be another great story to add to our ever evolving mixture.

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