Exhibition Reflections / by Glenn Dixon

My first photographic exhibition has officially wrapped and I'm truly thankful for the opportunity to share my work with the people who have supported me along the way. To those who were able to attend the various events at the space during the month long instalment, I thank you. To those who could not make it this time, do not worry, this is just the beginning!

See a selection of my photographs from Antarctica in my online gallery.

Stay tuned for updates and release information on a limited edition print book. Expected August 2013.

A very special thank you to the Heritage Golf and Country Club and in particular: Annie Golding, the incredibly warm, enthusiastic and supportive curator for the event space who helped me through the entire process. Your support and encouragement was invaluable. I very much hop ewe get to work together again soon.

I believe the space in which you exhibit truly becomes a major character in the story.  Subsequently, the narrative possibilities and emotional implications of specific photographic pairings and hanging arrangements really come to the fore. When a participant walks into the space their senses are heightened as they begin to process the information presented. Everything from the subtlest ambient sound to the blank space between prints evokes a compounding sensorial reaction. Every single decision you make effects the audiences experience and relationship with the work.

The space imposed many prominent and stubborn challenges. It's prime function is not to exhibit art, rather to serve the patrons of the golf club as a bar and foyer. I had no control over the ambient noise, lighting, furniture arrangements. Acknowledging these restrictions forced me to think very carefully and creatively to overcome obstacles and present the work in (I hope) a compelling way.

Montage: An offering from the wanderers exhibition

The Heritage Golf and Country Club | April 2013

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