Refuelling with Mona / by Glenn Dixon

Personal (and perhaps rather embarrassing) musings on "White Library" installation. Mona 2013:

1. When humans no longer exist on what we now refer to as planet earth, what remnants of our occupation will remain? How could artefacts such as books be interreted by an outsider infinitely detached from our methods of expression and logic. Will all record of human presence, achievement, atrocity, story and journey become devoid of meaning? As incomprehensible and withholding as these blank pieces of paper.

2. Written forms of communication and expression all online. Existing in a completely digital or virtual space. Everything fleeting and transient. Nothing is supported by the strength and conviction of a printed word on paper. Libraries are lonely and desolate.

3. The potential of all that is imagined, witnessed and dreamed to become information.

4. In a bid to rid my life of clutter (both physical and mental)  and reduce my inputs (replacing quantity with quality). Have I gone too far, removed a little too much and perhaps gone a little crazy in the process? After all, all I can see is white.

5. I am deprived of my sense of sight. I can smell fresh paper but the smell of ink is inescapably absent. I can still access the tactility and sound of written literature, but am none the wiser to its direct and literal meaning.

6. It's just a stack of empty books in a room. (Think of the trees!) Surely it means nothing and the artist is simply messing with us because they can. Or perhaps it is everything?

Above: Untitled (White Library) 2004 - 2006

Instalment by Wilfredo Prieto.

Over the past month I have travelled to Katherine NT, Parkes NSW, Canberra ACT, Melbourne VIC and finally Hobart TAS highlighting innovative teaching practices in the areas of Science and Mathematics in Australian schools. My shooting component for this series of films is now complete. A big thank you to my friends at AITSL and ESA for involving me in your project. In particular Julie, Madeleine, Anne and Jane. Now it's time for some heavy post-production to get these films cut into shape.

Hobart was my final shoot and what better way to spend the weekend refuelling the imagination than exploring the dark underground passageways of Mona. For years I have been longing to explore this gallery, I was incredibly lucky to share the journey with a very special person.

All artworks and spaces represented in these photographs are property of the original artists.

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