Proofing - An offering from the wanderers | White Edition / by Glenn Dixon

My hands are shaking and I'm completely overwhelmed with excitement! At this point it's rather difficult to string a cohesive sentence together. I have just received a proofing copy of my new print book, An offering from the wanderers - White Edition. This 60 page volume of Antarctic photographs and short stories is a large (33cm x 28cm) hardback book presented in a beautiful dust jacket. The White Edition is limited to 12 copies and is regrettably not for sale as all copies are allocated to people who were significantly involved in the project. Later in the year I will release a smaller (25cm x 20cm) Blue Edition which will be available for purchase and very eager of a loving new home. Yipeee!

I love the flexibility of printing small run limited edition books as I can hand customise each one. For this book I am experimenting with different textured papers to introduce each chapter. The paper stock will foreshadow the mood and tactility of the upcoming photographs.

I still have to fix various layout issues to do with paragraph spacing and formatting that I did not pick up when proofing the digital master. It is difficult to get a true sense of the spacing and proportionality without holding a hard copy in your hands. There are also a few photographs that came out a little dark in the final print that need to be adjusted. Once these small modifications have been made it will be ready for the final print run! I can't wait to share them with you!