Sandcastle Challenge / by Glenn Dixon

Sandcastle Challenge is a short film I created for the Design Institute of Australia (Victoria Branch). I seized this opportunity to challenge myself with a short creative exercise to break a few moulds I have fallen into lately with my film-making. I have been working on a significant number of corporate and documentary projects and felt my processes were getting a little regimented, robotic and strained. What better way to re-ignite ones creative eye than shooting a lot of out of focus, over-exposed and/or straight up bizarre imagery at the beach?

As I develop, I am being drawn more and more toward the documentary side of film. The ability to walk outside and be immersed in real stories unravelling before you is incredibly inspiring and challenging. My creative mojo is not being dampened under the weight of location permits and casting calls. You can just go outside alone and make things. In this film, everyone is so engaged in what they are doing that they pay no attention to me. I am completely free to roam around and loose myself in the moment. That is where my creativity flourishes.

Question everything generally thought to be obvious.

Dieter Rams

Reflecting now on the cut I realise that it is perhaps harder to break away from my current methodology of approaching film than I initially imagined. The story of Sandcastle Challenge is still driven through dialogue from the interviews and supported by visual overlay. This is a method that works well for much of my curent film work however it is not the way to make films. The individual shots are a little safer, more finely focussed and static than I had hoped for. It's almost as though I have approached the action as a still photographer would, just before the camera has an opportunity to move through the environment, there is a cut. There is much work to be done on the next project to re-think this process, it seems that everything has to be unlearned!