White Edition - Now shipping! / by Glenn Dixon

The eleven copies of ANTARCTICA An offering from the wanderers White edition are waiting excitedly in the lounge. On Monday they will be shipped to their respective homes. One will be sent to the Dubai, another to Sweden and two more will emigrate to North America. The remainder will stay in Australia. This edition is a special thank you to those people who made this project possible, In particular my grandmother who sponsored the printing of these 11 copies.

Each book in this limited edition has been signed, numbered and finished with textured chapter inserts. Unfortunately these copies are not for sale as they have all been allocated to family members and friends involved in my Antarctic expeditions last December.

In early November (Just before I shoot off to Japan) I will be releasing the Blue edition - A slightly smaller, print on demand edition that will be available for sale through my website and Blurb's online bookstore. In addition to the hard copies, I will release a digital edition for those who would love to experience the stories without committing to a hard copy. So many options to get excited about!

White Edition Limited to 11 copies. Hand signed and numbered. Textured paper inserts. (See image above) 33cm x 28cm hardback with dust jacket. Printed on Mohawk ProPhoto Lustre-Finish White paper. ISBN registered without barcode. Not for sale.

Blue Edition Print on demand. Open edition. 20cm x 25cm hardback with dust jacket ISBN registered with barcode. For sale through website.

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