Papermakers / by Glenn Dixon

Euraba Artists & Papermakers are a group of Northern NSW Indigenous artists specialising in handmade paper art. Euraba Artists and Papermakers is situated in the border town of Boggabilla. In the Goomeroi language euraba means place of healing, coming from the healing leaves of the Eura tree and ba meaning place. Euraba Artists & Papermakers embrace the healing nature of art for the local community and all those who appreciate fine art.

This short film was crafted from footage captured during the Oral History project. This footage while initially intended as visual overlay, was strong enough to sustain its own short story. On subsequent visits throughout the year I hope to interview additional artists to form a deeper study of the individuals and processes at Euraba.

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A film by Glenn Dixon Visuals
Produced by Left Field Business Solutions
Music licensed from The Music Bed

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