Tactica One: Behind the campaign / by Glenn Dixon

Chijoff+Co are a Melbourne based product design and development consultancy. As a well formed collection of talented designers they are delightful to work with. In eager anticipation of Tactica One, an in-house project newly released on Kickstarter, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our collaboration:

The video presented in the campaign is considerably different to our initial vision. The first evolution had a documentary feel and fell short of conveying a true sense of the product. On the first day of filming, I facilitated interviews with each designer exploring the philosophy underpinning the Tactica One. This filming occurred before the final design had been agreed upon and that was an oversight. As we were without a prototype, we were unable to explore specifics relating to the design. The subsequent discussions revolved too deeply around the backstory and risked disengaging a consumer audience. An unexpected outcome of filming prematurely was that it provided the team with an opportunity to reflect and although the footage was not used, the process seemed to help get them closer to the final design.

This revision of the video was executed in three days. We spent Friday morning filming and most of the weekend completing post-production tasks. This quick turn around time encouraged a high energy environment and great stimulation. I did feel a little out of my depth as I was required to create motion graphical elements which are not my primary area of expertise.

Our original plan was to shoot against a dark textured door in the warehouse space behind the studio but when we arrived on location the construction workers were already hard at work. We quickly relocated to a small 4m x 4m studio space nearby and shot against a fold out black backdrop. A lighting sketch has been included below to show our setup.