Maptia - A world of stories / by Glenn Dixon


I am very excited about the new Maptia platform. This service allows you to view stunning articles published by some of the worlds most inspiring writers, photographers and adventurers. There is no cost associated with creating your own profile and publishing your own stories. I am blown away by the quality, depth and diversity of the articles I have read so far.

It was a wonderful surprise to find my Antarctica story, An Offering from the Wanderers, featured as an editors pick!


I am particularly impressed with the interface in which you compose your articles. It is simple, minimal and precise. I love the way photographs can be presented full screen or integrated into the body of the article. There is a small selection of carefully considered text formatting options which results in consistent formatting throughout the website. As a user, you appreciate the fact that the designers have put a lot of thought into this. They do not overwhelm you with superfluous formatting options or style palettes. You are free to focus on making your story as powerful and emotive as possible while Maptia takes care of the rest.

Here are a few stories that have inspired me; James Morgan's Last of the Sea Nomads, David duChemin's My Name is Akeno and David Lazar's Visions of Myanmar.

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