Talon: A workbench in your pocket / by Glenn Dixon

I find it difficult to fabricate a compelling story of which the sole purpose is to serve a commercial offering. The stories that move me most deeply are present in the world and evolving of their own accord. My strength is finding and sharing these stories that naturally align with a product or service rather than making them up through introspection. I can’t sit in isolation and invent a narrative to sell a product or service. I immerse myself in situations and use what I discover as the raw ingredients in my filmmaking. 

When Mike Chijoff contacted me earlier this year to discuss the Talon, the product solely existed as a 3d printed prototype. This presented an incredible challenge for me as I could not draw on the experiences of people currently interacting with the product. Additionally, I could not fully explore the possibilities of the product myself because the only prototype we had was made of plastic. 

My task was to create a short piece that would generate excitement on social media platforms in the lead up to the product launch. Personally, I was fascinated by the possible applications of the multitool and its everyday implications. By presenting a few scenarios, it is my hope that the viewer can apply the concept to their personal context and imagine how the product could help them.

The Kickstarter campaign is now live!