Finding Home / by Glenn Dixon

'One of the central human acts is the act of inhabiting, of connecting ourselves, however temporarily, with a place on the planet which belongs to us and to which we belong.'

Charles Moore
School of Architecture, UCLA
Forward, In Praise of Shadows

Home evolves our personal outlook, influences our temperament and infuses our sense of identity. Home is that sudden rush of breeze through a newly opened window, a prisoners desperate storm toward freedom. It is the soothingly abrasive sensation of sea cliff on bare foot. It is the sound of water following the path of least resistance. When you lie quietly with an ear tuned into the land you can feel the earth reverberating you heartbeat back at you. When I feel the lingering warmth in the sand long after the sun has set - I am home.

Creative assignments are puling me further from Melbourne for increasing periods of time. I used to feel rather homesick while away for a mere few days. Now my perception of home has shifted and I seldom feel this anxiety. Home is becoming less constrained to the blue dot on Google Maps. It is sourcing comfort, solace, security and love in your immediate environment. Sometimes it is simply finding a place to curl up with a book and blanket. Where you sleep seems to be irrelevant. This shift in thinking makes you realise that you are never very far from home. It lives within.

The works below by Australian artists impress a powerful sense of belonging to place. They subtly insist upon our responsibility to safeguard and nurture the spaces that are so special to us.

Dirt Music, Tim Winton [Novel]
The Mother, Xavier Rudd [Audio track]
Heart Remains, Joelistics [Audio track]
My Country, Dorothea Mackellar [Poem]