Photography as a method of re-discovery / by Glenn Dixon

'Where Mathematics is paradoxical is that the more you look into something, the less you understand it. Mathematicians have gone crazy worrying about what a straight line is!'  

- Masao Morita | Independent Scholar.

The above excerpt from the Takeo Co. publication ’Subtle' applies deeply to the discipline of photographic expression. In photography, it is possible to create a very literal representation of the world around us - that is to show someone in another space and time how something looked to the naked eye. On a more stimulating and engaging level, photography encourages people to realise how much they did not know, or had previously overlooked within the world around us.

Photography, much like mathematics, is the process of losing our understanding of the ordinary and familiar. Powerful photographs challenge and often expel our expectations. A seemingly simple photograph depicting cracked paint on a rusty oil drum contains a dynamic sense of scale, beauty and complexity - out of which comes the possibility of re-discovery.

Photograph above:  Banner photograph courtesy of  xisman via Instagram
Carousel below: Found textures on the farm s by Glenn Dixon Visuals via instagram.