Video editing reimagined with Wipster / by Glenn Dixon

The folk at Wipster have completely disrupted my video editing workflow - all for the better! I love that clients and collaborators can now request edits to videos by clicking directly on a frame and typing a comment. These comments sync with Premiere Pro sequences and show up as markers in the timeline. No more cryptic time coded notes to decipher! I love the speedier workflow and clients appreciate not having to take manual notes. The web interface is elegant in its simplicity.

I discovered the Wipster service through a colleague based in Wellington who once shared a co-working space with the team. Wipster folk - you rock! 

With every edit I send to collaborators, I try to be clear and specific regarding the nature of the feedback I wish to receive. If I am sending interview rushes, I may request only comments highlighting specific dialogue that strikes them as interesting. If I am sending a fine cut of a video, I may ask for feedback on choice of music, title design, narrative structure etc. From a client perspective, it can be overwhelming to receive a link with no instructions or actionable requests. 

A typical video editing workflow for me involves:

  1. Setup Premiere Pro project and manage assets.
  2. Edit sequences for review.
  3. Export sequences to hard disk.
  4. Login to Wipster via web browser and upload sequences. 
  5. Send invitations to collaborators.
  6. Walk the dog and snack while awaiting feedback.
  7. Sync comments with Premiere Pro sequence (via Wipster Review Panel).
  8. Make changes and repeat if necessary.

One issue I hope to resolve soon is an inability to upload sequences to Wipster via the Wipster Review Panel (2.0.6) within Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. The Review Panel ‘hangs’ on the upload process and never completes. I would be grateful to anyone who can shed some light on this? When this bug is fixed for me the experience will be even smoother.  

Screenshot above: Video with client comments as red dots.
Screenshot below: Same video in Premiere Pro sequence with comments as yellow markers.