Mini documentary: Los Reyes / by Glenn Dixon

Los Reyes or The Kings is an annual festival in Spain celebrating the three kings' pilgrimage to Bethlehem. I’m not sure why an essential plot point such as this visit to a small town in Mallorca was omitted from the biblical account. I was visiting family in Llucmajor during this year's festival and created this short video piece. This is a beautiful celebration which honours intergenerational connection and a sense of personal belonging.

This footage was captured at 50 frames per second (fps) and conformed to 25fps in post-production. For me, the subtle use of slow motion compliments the emotions of the crowd. I would have loved some higher quality audio recording equipment however I only had my little Sony A7s and two lenses on me at the time. I included ‘atmos' sound captured via the cameras onboard microphone in the mix, those who speak Mallorquín may pick up some dialogue. 

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