Documentary: Netball Australias' Indigenous High Performance Camp / by Glenn Dixon

It's my great pleasure to share a short documentary I directed, filmed and edited for Netball Australia. The objective of the video was to communicate the felt experiences of the athletes who attended the Indigenous High Performance Camp and establish why this program is uniquely valuable. This video will be used to promote future programs with the target audience being participants, support staff and sponsors.

In the pre-production process, I worked with Netball Australia to identify seven keywords that all elements of the production should reflect; connection, community, sisterhood, intergenerational, strength, opportunity and joy. Rather than storyboarding this video, I used the keywords and a small selection of pre-determined interview questions to guide the emergent process and story. 

This video won a silver award at the 2018 Australian Video Producer Awards in the documentary (under $10,000) category. Very exciting!