Mini documentary: Visible in ice / by Glenn Dixon

Ice is an inspiring photographic subject seemingly infinitive in form, colour, reflectance and textural varieties. Ice also contains evidence of the rapidly changing atmospheric conditions surrounding our planet. The story of our changing climate is visible in the movement and chemical composition of ice. The duality between artistic expression and the science of climate change has ignited a personal journey to discover my role as a world citizen and realise the impact of my actions.

In this mini documentary I juxtaposed visuals of Iceland's Solheim and Vatnajökull glaciers with industrial soundscapes. These sound recordings which depict manufacturing and domestic consumption create a striking effect when presented alongside the idyllic imagery.

Photographs below made by Glenn Dixon in Greenland and Iceland during June 2018.

For a deeper exploration I can highly recommend viewing the Chasing Ice feature documentary by James Balog and his team on the Extreme Ice Survey. It's a challenging film and an incredibly important one.