Profile video: The Real Leadership Company / by Glenn Dixon

It's a pleasure to share a profile video I directed, filmed and edited for Saul Wajntraub, founder of The Real Leadership Company. This article is a brief reflection on that process and includes quotes from Saul in italics.

"Showing leadership is a difficult challenge and as a new business creating a ‘real’ image of myself was a task I didn’t know how to face. My challenge was creating an online identify through my company that reflected who I am, what I do and also how I’d like to be seen by potential clients. Glenn’s ability to see a story and then paint a picture made the challenge fun and produced a fantastic result.”

While conceptualising this project we discovered that leadership as a concept is challenging to communicate in a visual and sonic sense. Saul and I had many phone conversations early in the pre-production process discussing his vision, inspirations and aspirations for the work. As Saul has a deep love for and involvement in community cricket, I used this scenario as an analogy to demonstrate his personality and leadership coaching expertise.

The footage was captured across five locations in two half day sessions. The cricket training one afternoon in Pascoe Vale. The interview and Melbourne CBD B-Roll during another morning session later in the week.

In addition to the video production, I captured still photographs for The Real Leadership Company to use in their digital communications. If you are interested, please do check out Saul’s website designed by the talented Xisca Mairata.

"Once people have viewed the welcome video there is a confidence in my capability that takes the conversation to the next step. Glenn’s piece has been brilliantly received for its clarity and cinematography."